Common Pollutants Can and Will Damage Your Baby’s Developing Brain

Prenatal exposure to airborne toxins is associated with genetic abnormalities at birth that may increase cancer risk, smaller newborn head size, lower birth weight, developmental delays, and a higher risk for childhood asthma.

These facts are in a study from 2009 which was published in pediatrics  and the findings revealed are very disturbing. In New York City, 249 pregnant women were fitted with backpack air monitors in their last months of pregnancy. When their children turned 5, they were given IQ tests before they started school. The ones whose mothers were exposed to the most air pollution before birth scored 4 to 5 points lower in IQwhich is enough to impair school performance. This is no longer guesswork or supposition it is now a known fact.

The study proves that prenatal exposure to air pollution has detrimental effects on the average child’s developing brain, Other studies have confirmed a link to pesticides.

Now that you understand the facts of the matter and have the lists of pollutants from inside the house as well as suburban and city toxic accumulation it is important to take action every day for your own health and that of your children. So this website will explain a few more hazards and then help you avoid excess pollution and supply information on repairing the damage caused.

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