Air Purification What is required

The most effective way to improve your indoor air quality is to control or eliminate as many sources of pollution as you can. The first step to take is free—open some windows. But if you live in a city you still have problems so wait for a nice windy day and open the windows when the wind has cleared away a lot of the pollution. You will be able to tele from the smell of it. If it is impossible to eliminate air contaminants, one of the things you can do is incorporate a high-quality air purifier. Fact is there are some very good ones.

One thing that’s clear is that effective air cleaning requires a multi-faceted approach that incorporates a variety of different air cleaning processes. In the past each type of purifier was good at removing one pollutant, but not others. There was no one device that did it all.

Air pollutants fall into three main categories, each requiring a different approach:

1. Actual particles including molds, bacteria, spores, viruses, parasites, animal dander, pollen, etc.

2. Non-biological particles include smoke, dust, heavy metal dust and fragments.

3. Gases and fumes from adhesives, petroleum products, pesticides, paint, and cleaning products; radon, carbon monoxide, personal sprays and products.

There are so many varieties of contaminants generated by today’s toxic world that air purification manufacturers have been in a race to keep up with them. Air purification devices work using some of the following four primary technologies:

Basic filtration methods can reduce particles and biologicals,

mechanical or electrostatic devices physically trap particles in a filter.

Photo Catalytic Oxidation devices filter out particles, gases and biologicals and destroys pollutants using an ultraviolet lamp and a catalyst that reacts with the ultraviolet light.

Negative Ionization works on particles and biologicals, they disperse charged particles into the air to attach to unclean particles  thereby causing them to settle where they are easy to collect and dispose of.

Activated oxygen assists with the breakdown of biologicals

When we find the perfect one or even a really good one we will have the information on this site.

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