About us

Healthy body church is a charity organisation dedicated to teaching a connection between foods and the creation or evolution. Without human interference ild animals have suitable foods in the area they live for survival and reproduction. Humans are the actually the same. But we are clever so we messed around with those natural foods which were good enough for survival and reproduction. Many of them became much more tasty but totally indigestible. So we now have to suffer the consequences or go back to our origins and rediscover a range of foods which are actually nutrient rich and will sustain our lives and progress without disease.

Most disease if food related and of course the very intelligent people will remind us that many problems are created by the mind or the brain. And then of course we remember that the brain also has to have the right nutrients. This train of thought takes us at least predominantly back to the acceptance of food and nutrition or the lack of it as the major cause of disease both physical and mental.

As well as clearly seeing this anomaly the healthybodychurch has researched and noted a wide range of therapeutic methods which can be used to speed up the process of healing once the diet imperfections are corrected. It is now our role to pass these on in a way that is comfortable for the recipients.

Healthybodychurch plans to achieve this through simple teaching and passing on the information to students of natural health. Then we plan to hold seminars once the numbers build up who will use such facilities. Then we plan to establish actual bricks and mortar facilities where healing can take place. They will start as safe places for those recuperating from conventional medicine procedures and gradually extend to provide training in self care and healing.