Natural Air

Natural air. What is it? It is seen as the perfect air which was designed for breathing by our perfect bodies and of course nowadays neither is perfect any more and there is really no record of when they stopped being that way.
The perfect body is actually something we will never achieve because the conditions in which we expect to grow and develop the body are no longer up to scratch and that includes the air. So it is relegated to the creators of the superheros within the film industry. There is of course some interesting conversation to be had relating to the subject. Latch onto in a few months and you can get well and truly involved in that discussion. But for now the air is our subject of interest. It seems that some 100 years ago the oxygen content of the air was 36% and has gradually deteriorated to the 21% approximately which is enjoyed by air breathers today. Whatever the case there is evidence that the oxygen component has declined and this does and will affect a lot of people in the world.
The air which can be enjoyed in the middle of the oceans and on a nice still day in most wilderness areas could be deemed today as natural air and the closer we get to civilization from these areas the mer polluted the air gets. So much so that it impacts on the livability of cities to the point that they are good places to get away from. natural air needs no air fresheners or filters or anything for that matter and the benchmark to which we aspire when we incorporate the use of the many and varied methods of making our daily air clean, breathable and pleasant on the nose.
More to come