Health Effects

Health aspects of pollutants in the air are rarely immediately visible or noticeable. The effects are on our skin which is a permeable organ and takes in much more than we can imagine as well as eliminating. The main effect is on our lungs and the ramifications of having toxins in our body. There is a massive amount that can be written about this subject so we will try to stick to the basics. We have covered the very basic list of pollutants and many of these come into contact with the skin. They often react here causing discoloration, dermatitis and eczema plus a host of lesser known skin ailments. The skin is not a distinct entity but totally connected to the systems and metabolism of the body. It is designed as a barrier and to some extent protects the body but what is evident on the skin is also playing its part inside. The worst effects seem to be on the hormonal system. and especially in girls. Many of the cosmetics sold today are actually made from substances we would consider normally as dangerous pollutants. So girls think seriously about going organic and as natural as possible.
The Next most obvious health effect of pollution comes from smoking and vehicle exhausts. Both are deadly in their concentrated form. All major breathing difficulties are caused and aggravated by pollutants. Some pollutants are natural of course and not necessarily man made. And many are not understood or noticed. For example the fine fur of the domestic cat is a pollutant and does affect especially children with asthma or bronchitis. Smoking is an unbelievably destructive occupation to the smoker and those who breathe around them. It slows down or destroys the body’s regenerative capacity. So when today’s compromised immune system does lose the fight against a pathogen, the body’s regenerative capacity is also compromised and disease lasts longer. This comes about because the lungs affect the heart which dulls the circulation and so on in layman’s language obviously.
The unnoticed pollutants are the plastics, which are part of almost everything we pick up today. All the food wrappings, the bedding, the clothes, the car interior are all actually deadly and would kill you if administered in higher concentration. We do not notice the effect they are having on us and again the long term damage is mostly to the hormonal system and again in girls. Many cancers can be aggravated by the plastic chemicals. We will go into much greater detail later .
More to come.